LA-based director and founder Alexander Kolpin was raised on creativity and fantasy.

Born in Copenhagen, to an architect/theatre producer father and fashion designer mother, he grew up aboard a freighter that had been converted into a children’s theatre. This experience inspired him to follow his creative intuition.

After watching his sister perform classical ballet just once, Alexander was instantly inspired, gave up sports and began dancing as a hobby at age 11. Two years later he auditioned for and was accepted to the Royal Danish Ballet School, where he flourished artistically and intellectually. He eventually became a member of the Corps de Ballet, and at age 21 was appointed Principal Dancer of the Royal Danish Ballet.

His thriving career offered him the opportunity to work all over the world, and was later given the prestigious Benois de la Danse prize, “Best Male Dancer in the World.”

Since his early twenties, Alexander has been working as a creative entrepreneur alongside his comprehensive dance career, starting his own dance company at age 24. He has also directed, produced, and choreographed commercials, short films, and theatrical and live events, as well as contributing his creative abilities to the design of a number of hotels.

Fusing his base of classic technique and storytelling with a contemporary, current, and ever-searching momentum, he strives to make his creative productions and stories vibrant and relevant, always entertaining and never afraid to challenge traditional boundaries. His goal is to connect film, design and dance through his lifelong commitment to personal storytelling, bringing a wide audience together through an innovative combination of different modes of expression.

Alexander Kolpin is a proud ambassador of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s “46664 Bangels” project, and supports a number of other humanitarian non-profit commitments.

Knighted By HRH Queen Margaret II of Denmark.